Alain Geneau French born 1935

Rabu, 30 Mei 2012

Alain Geneau French born 1935
Alain Géneau was born in Normandy, in 1935.
He studied at the school of Decorative Arts in Paris.
"Géneau or the choice of Beauty, "Here,beauty does not take hold of strength, it settles and rests. Géneau excels with transparency, placing objects within this dubious fringe, this precarious intermediary where the eye sees the invisible.
He knows that beauty, like that of poetry, is neither in things nor outside of things, but in our glance, this moment of eternity."
Jean-Pierre Chopin
"Whether his subjects are florals, still lifes, landscapes, or portraits of women, Alain Géneau delights in the interplay of light and shadow, of transparency and ambiguity, of presence and absence, of dream and reality. It is rare painter who can combine elements of magical realism and trompe-l'oeil with a precision reminiscent of Vermeer and the great Dutch still life painters to create works which appeal to modern sensibilities while maintaining their own unique mysteries."

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