Federico Beltrán-Masses 1885-1949 | Spanish painter

Sabtu, 23 Juni 2012

Federico Beltrán-Masses 1885-1949 | Spanish painter
Federico Armando Beltrán Masses was born in Guaira de la Melena, Cuba. He studied with the painter Joaquín Sorolla 1863-1923 at l’École des Beaux-Arts de Barcelone and, in 1905, he studied Spanish and European art at the Prado, Madrid. In 1916, he received recognition from the Paris's Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts and continued to live in Paris for many years. Reportedly, Beltrán-Masses won awards "the United States, Belgium, Italy, and India" and later took over the Exposition Hispano-français des Beaux-Arts in 1919. In 1920, "he exhibited an exotic nude titled Salome at the Venice Biennale this painting is now in the Museo De Art Déco y Art Nouveau Casa Lis in Salamanca, Spain. Repotedly, Beltrán-Masse had previously moved Salome from "an exhibition at the New Burlington Galleries, in case it offended the Spanish ambassador's brother, a visiting cardinal. In 1924 he received Cordon d’Isabelle la Catholique award. Died in 1949 in Barcelona, Spain. The painting of Federico Beltrán Massés is almost unknown to us nowadays, however, the artist enjoyed a huge international reputation during his career. In his paintings, the Belle Époque is manifested with sofistication and fantasy. Dominated by a shadowy presence of women, embracing and overflowing with charm, which cast a spell that is at once as splendid as it is decadent. As an cosmopolitan artist, Massés portrayed the high society of Europe and North America - in addition to movie stars and dance artists of the '20s and '30s, first through the prism of modern symbolism and, finally, under the influence of Art Déco.
More than 40 pieces are now in the Museum of the Academy of San Fernando -10 of which have not been exposed to the public since 1916 - including oil paintings, photographs and memorabilia.

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