Essam Mohamed Azzouz Gabr Born in March 23 1953 - Al Kalyoubia. /Eygption

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Essam Mohamed Azzouz Gabr Born in March 23 1953 - Al Kalyoubia.
Full Name: Essam Mohamed Azzouz Gabr Born in: March 23, 1953 - Al Kalyoubia - Egypt Martial status: Married Essam Azouz is a professional visual artist. He is based in London, Ontario. His paintings are a clear reflection of his long experience and his Arabic background. His works are mainly focusing on folklore and heritage. PROFESSIONAL HISTORY September 1987 to August 2005 Art Director of "Air Defense" (previously called "Resalat Al-Mahad"), a magazine published by Air Defense Institute of Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces under the Ministry of Defense in Saudi Arabia. This is a bilingual bi-monthly published in Arabic and English. The main responsibilities were as follows: Drawing, designing and painting of the magazine’s cover page.• Expressing through drawings and sketches the author’s theme in a visual manner.• Providing guidance to other staff with regards to the design of the magazine and making final decisions and approving changes.• Stage and set design for any event including decoration, lighting, billboards, and posters reflecting the true essence of the occasion.• Responsible for the overall operation of the art section and ensuring the publication met all aspects of events taking place around the world and within the Kingdom including the National Day anniversary, Pilgrimage, Defense Day etc.• December 1999 to January 2003 Supervision of visuals and paintings for the Arabic magazine "Al Usra Al – Asrayah" published in Dubai-United Arab Emirates. Febuary 1999 to June 1999 Painter for the leading Arabic family magazine "Saidati Sadati" published in Cairo, Egypt. September 1995 to September 2003 Art Director at "Al – Taw’ia – Bulletin" (Arabic) published by the Religious Affairs Division of Air Defense, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. May 1987 to April 1988 Art Director at "Al-Fidah" magazine, published by the Air Defense Institute of the Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. January 1986 to August 1986 Art Director at "Al-Ma’thurat Al-Sha’biyyah" magazine published by Folkiare Center for the Arab Gulf State, Qatar. July 1982 to October 1986 Assistant Art Director and painter at "Al-Ummah" magazine published by the Sharia Courts of Islamic affairs, Qatar. November 1979 to July 1982 Painter at "Al Shorta" magazine, a monthly published by the Ministry of the Interior in Cairo, Egypt. February 1978 to July 1982 Also worked for "AL-Siyasi" newspaper published by (Dar AL-Tawon), Cairo, Egypt. August 1977 to August 1978 Painter for "Youth Science and future magazine" published by "Al-Ahram" newspaper in Cairo, Egypt. January 1977 to June 1977 Painter at "Al-Taliea" magazine published by "Al-Ahram" Newspaper, Cairo, Egypt. June 1976 to December 1976 Painter/Ad designer for “Rose Al-Yousif Establishment” in Cairo, Egypt. October 1973 to October 1979 Painter for the "Al-Ahram" daily newspaper in Cairo, Egypt. March 1973 to June 1979 Painter/Art Director for the Islamic Press Agency and "Maadi News" daily newspaper in Cairo, Egypt. January 1973 to February 1980 Painter for the Scientific department of "Al-Ahram" Daily in Cairo, Egypt. I worked as a painter for one of the most prestigious leading news dailies of Egypt. My main tasks were related to the visual expression of events taking place on the political stage through drawings and paintings in various mediums. February 1978 to July 1982

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