Claudio Sacchi 1953 | Italian Portrait painter

Selasa, 28 Agustus 2012

 Claudio Sacchi 1953 | Italian Portrait painter
Italian painter Claudio Sacchi was born in Pesaro, Italy, on 1953. He attended the Art School in Urbino, and continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. Major influences in his artistic education were his encounters with Pietro Annigoni and with Enrico Del Bono. Since 1977 his work has been included in the archive of the Kunsthistorisches Institut, Florence, in the section on twentieth-century Italian art. In 1979 he collaborated with a Research Centre working on Mario Donizetti’s artistic techniques, in Bergamo. From 1980-1982 he taught painting at the Spinelli School of Art and Restoration, Florence. Since his first one-man exhibition in 1977 in Florence, he has exhibited in most major Italian cities, Rome, Milan, Bologna, Genoa etc., and abroad in Amsterdam, Monte Carlo, Nice, Cannes and Ghent.
Numerous paintings and drawings by Sacchi have been published in important books and magazines. His work has often been the subject of favourable criticism in the Italian press. He has spent extended periods in England and in the Netherlands. At present he lives in Florence, where he is much in demand as a portraitist, and produces work for several Italian galleries. His art is based on excellent graphic skills, long practised and evolved from the glories of Renaissance painting.

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