Sergei Tutunov was born October 30, 1925 in Moscow.

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Sergei Tutunov was born October 30, 1925 in Moscow.
His father, Andrew V. Tutunov of Russified Armenians, was a prominent specialist in poultry. He died in Butyrskaya spring of 1949. Mother - Elizabeth N. Tutunova (nee Sakharov) of the family priest, Fr. Nicholas Sakharov, she died of severe disease May 8, 1950.
In the late 30's Sergey enrolled at the famous MSKHSH (Moscow Art School), where it first took on the Sculpture Department, as great shape and feeling very well sculpted all animals. However, he later went to study in art class.
Immediately after the war the school was evacuated to Bashkiria, where students and teachers was very good. The headmaster made to continue the learning process, not just special, but they are in general subjects. In 1943 the school returned to Moscow.
In 1945 Tutunov entered in 1951 graduated from the Surikov Institute. Among the teachers, Sergei A. You can call V.N.Meshkova, D.K.Mochalskogo, A.M.Gritsaya, P.D.Pokarzhevskogo, A.P.Shorcheva, V.V.Pochitalova.
In 1953, SA Tutunov became a member of the Artists' Union. Membership in the Union of Artists has provided a great opportunity to creative business trips, even in the remotest corners of the Soviet Union. From a trip to the Altai SA Tutunov brought a series of live colorful sketches depicting struck his vivid pictures of nature and traditional folk life.
Artworks are in the State Tretyakov Gallery, Russian Museum in Kiev, in many museums of Russia and CIS countries. < br />
In 1988, held a personal exhibition in Moscow.

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