Cunde Wang

Jumat, 21 September 2012

Cunde Wang
·1939,born in Beijing.
·1955-1959,entering the High School Attached to the Academy of Fine Arts.
·1959-1962,teaching at the above School.
·1962-1967,Studying at the Central Academy of Arts and Design.
·1967-1982,engaging in textile and packege design for factories and institute.
·1982-1987,teaching at the Beijing Institute of Industrial Design.
·Since 1988,painting and teaching in Australia.
I have traveled a long way, which is quite tortuous and bumpy, through the world of arts since admitted to the High School Attached to the Academy of Fine Arts in 1955. I have changed jobs many times, taking each one as a precious experience and trying my best to make every new painting a little better than the previous. During such a process I realized profoundly the difficulties in requiring knowledge, and I established the beliefs that all knowledge comes from practice, that study requires honest labor, and that the higher you demand yourself the quicker will you proceed.
Since I came to Australia in 1988,I have devoted myself totally in drawing and painting, with figure painting as my constant favorite. I put my root in the contemporary world, fixing my eye on the actual society, life, nature, and people and injecting my humanistic concern into my works that are also filled with innovative motives and exotic flavor. I believe that arts are born from the innermost excitements of the artist and should overflow with the inner passions and reflect the shining fortitude and intelligence of the artist. When I construct my own arts building, I always draw blocks from every schools, ancient and modern, western and eastern, with critical eyes to try and absorb every excellent cultural and artistic heritage. In my works I wield forms, colors, textures, decorations and all the elements essential to the art of painting to compose a charm symphony, and strive to display a new spirit of the 21st century. I will try my best to produce works calling for the true, the good, and the beautiful, which are loved by the people, thus to present my longing for and sincerity to arts and beauty.
The few paintings I have produced should at first be attributed to China my homeland and my country-people that have brought me up and to Australia and its people that are taking care of my life and work. I owe much especially to Ms Margaret, to the dancing instructors Ms Jenny and Ms Sonja, and to my intimate friend Mr CHEN Xiran, the notable artist in Canberra.
The publishing of this book is indebted to my dear wife XIONG Dadi for all her painstaking efforts, to my loving brothers and sisters in Beijing for their support* in every possible way, to Mr DAI Jincheng and to Professor YU Fuqian of the Nankai University Arts School for their powerful help, and finally to Rongbaozhai Publishing House for their friendly support.
I would like to express my particular gratitude to Professor ZHAO Youpiog, my class counselor when I was in the High School, for her taking the time to write the Introduction to this book in spite of her advanced age of 70. busy commissions of teaching, and having to take care of her husband Professor LI Tianxiang in hospital.

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