Aldo Balding 1960 | British Figurative painter

Minggu, 07 Oktober 2012

Aldo Balding 1960 | British Figurative painter
Aldo Balding, British painter, was born in Southsea in 1960 and studied for a Diploma in Illustration at Southampton College. Aldo now lives in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France. Beginning his career as a freelance illustrator his work appeared in and on the front covers of numerous magazines including the Sunday Times Culture Magazine, TV Times and Punch. Aldo is now a recognized and successful figurative and portrait artist.
The narrative quality of Aldo Balding's magnificent paintings is usually what initially draws his viewers in.
Aldo's works have been referred to as "nostalgic", but he considers them timeless. Aldo's conveys his love of the more formal time and finds a suited man is much more interesting, narratively speaking, than someone in sneakers and jeans. He continues the timeless feel of his work into his interior scenes and landscapes.

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