Emilii Wilk Polish Figurative

Selasa, 02 Oktober 2012

Emilii Wilk Polish Figurative painter 1983
Emilii Wilk 1983 | Polish Figurative painter
Emilii Wilk, polish painter, was born in Wa³cz County, Poland. "For many years the center of my interest is Art. Even as a 6-year-old girl i paint canvas of my father. I remember my first painting was a copy of a man. I thought then, that painting is easy. Now I know that I was wrong. My work many times have led me to tears.
My real adventure with painting started when I got the album Ilya Repina. I studied it from A to Z. That's when I saw the real soul in his eyes. So I really wanted to paint. My tastes have since changed, but Ilya Repina images will always be very important to me. In my work the
most important is what I think makes the picture interesting for me. But really I'm most upset with himself. I love this discontent, and the thought of never painting can not be beat. Painting has always beat creator. On their website the authors always inform schools, exhibitions, etc. So I just do it. I always avoided the issue of their own work. A little discouraged about having their first collective exhibition in Warsaw, picture of the year 2001. In addition to the issuance of work at the end of the semester in Fine Arts in Gdansk, not
exhibited anywhere. But now I decided to change it".

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