Guy Orlando Rose /(American, 1867-1925)

Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012

Guy Orlando Rose
(American, 1867-1925)
Guy Orlando Rose (born March 3, 1867 San Gabriel, CA - d. November 17, 1925 Pasadena, CA) - American artist, one of the leading representatives of the California impressionizma.Gay Rose was born to a California Senator Leonard John Rose and rose rancher father. In 1876, as a result of a hunting accident was injured brother shot in the face. During long-term treatment started to paint watercolors and oil.
In 1884, Rose graduated from High School in Los Angeles and entered the California School of Design in San Francisco. Since September 1888 he studied at the Julian Academy in Paris, along with JJ Lefebvre, and J.-P. Laurent. In the years 1888-89 a scholarship Delaklyuz Academy. In 1890, the artist first exhibited his work at the Paris Salon, and after the exhibition followed by others in 1891 and 1894. In 1891, Rose returned to the U.S. and because of lead poisoning at the time of leaving the oil painting. He lives in New York, working as a teacher and illustrator in Brooklyn's Pratt Institute. In 1893-94 and in 1899 Rose travels to France, living in Paris, buys country house in Giverny. In 1900, the artist once again moved to Paris, the winter of this year, holds in Algeria, where much fruitful work. In 1901, he won at the World Exhibition in Buffalo bronze medal. From 1904 to 1912 Guy Rose and his wife Ethel live and work in the artist colony in Giverny. In his painting of the period feel strongly influenced by the work of Claude Monet, a friend and teacher Rose. In 1910, the artist participated in the New York exhibition of artists' groups Giverny "(with LS Parker and Richard Miller). In 1913-1914 his wife Rose live in Narrangansette, Rhode Island, where paint and teach. In 1914, Rose, due to ill health, returned to California. Here, he takes part in the World's Fair in San Francisco in 1915 and won her a silver medal. Then taught at the Stickney School of Art in Pasadena, and the head of this school in 1919-1921. In 1921 G.Rouz suffered a stroke, the effects of which later died.

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