Renzo Verdone 1939 | Italian Symbolist painter

Sabtu, 13 Oktober 2012

Renzo Verdone 1939 | Italian Symbolist painter
Born in Rome, young leaves Italy and developed his artistic training in close contact with the experimental groups of Gewerbeschule Berne and Zurich, where he completed thorough research studies figurative sculpture and naked. Arrives at a degree of synthesis where spiritual tension and the human situation are contrasted dynamically in a vision that has heartbeats of tender humanity and feelings of refined and merciless realism. Back in Italy, he graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts began an intense artistic activity, attending the cultural environment of the capital. Presents works that explore the theme of the human condition and the social and political issues of the moment.
His works are in public and private collections. Many are the prizes and awards that testify to the validity and the continuous renewal of man and the artist.

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