Jumat, 26 Oktober 2012

SANDRA KUCK Sandra Kuck is one of the world’s most talented figurative artists in the world. Her finely detailed and warm depictions have made her originals and limited edition prints highly collected. Sandra’s painting career began over 30 years Her nostalgic settings and angelic children evoke memories and emotions of our childhood, and of our children. Dedication and perseverance have taken Sandra to the heights of success. In addition to her prestigious standing in the collectible community, Sandra also produces fine art prints, and was recently commissioned by the National Archives in Washington, D.C. for a series commemorating American women. During her education at UCLA and The Art Student's League in
New York, Sandra realized her love for painting children. In 1983, she was honored with the National Association of Limited Edition Dealers' Plate of the Year, Print of the Year, and Artist of the Year awards. Since 1983, Sandra has been honored each year with awards from NALED, including an unprecedented six-time honor as Artist of the Year. Sandra's relationship with West End Gallery is a very personal one. Mrs. Kuck started her career in New York, using the children of her representatives (Patrick and Barbara James) as references for her paintings. One of the children she used to paint, Chris James, is now the President/Owner of West End Gallery

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