Alba Gonzales / (Roma - Italy) Sculptures

Kamis, 15 November 2012

Alba Gonzales
Alba Gonzales (Roma - Italy) Sculptures.
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Alba Gonzalez was born in Rome.
Produces his monumental works in Pietrasanta and Carrara marble using for mergers as well as also in the foundry in Pietrasanta in Verona.
In 1973, encouraged by critics and poets such as William Petroni, James and Mario Lunetta recovery after two years of intense work, he opened his first solo exhibition.
His past experience as a classical dancer, the sculpture is conceived as a ballet and adapts the momentum space of the dance vitalistic, understood as irrepressible desire for freedom.
Abandoned the natural form in 1978 was invited by the critic George of Genoa to present his first monumental sculpture on the cathedral square of Pietrasanta (Sculptors and craftsmen in the old town) where the invitation will be renewed for subsequent reviews of the 1979 and 1980. It comes from the attendance of these calls the marble workshops of Versilia and the evolution of the creativity of the sculptor Roman until the year 1985 focuses on increasing the dialectic of structure with anthropomorphic figures that combine in an original sense of the myth of archaic and modern mechanization (man-machine, 1979, the parable of a machine, 1982), while in the vertical direction (the invention of the Stone, 1980; Totem syncretistic, 1986) is inspired by numerous obelisks and totems guided towards an imaginative modular geometry, a ' sound architecture (Giorgio Caproni).
Significantly important to the cycle "Myths and Love" which is inspired by the suggestions of certain Etruscan sculpture, works are born as important as "-c-Uni Tinia, 1987; Baroque Fantasy-Etruscan, 1988, the Apollo, 1993 and Ars Amandi- , 1994), are enriched more and more baroque metaphysical elements that reflect the charm of the Mediterranean culture.
In 1997, Alba Gonzalez begins with "Sphinxes and Chimaeras, or the beast within" a new cycle yet in place where his research is to arrive at a figure with great components erotic dream.
To date she continues her work continuously between his studio in Rome, sculpture workshops and foundries of Pietrasanta Versilia, exhibiting in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad

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