Carl Timoleon von Neff

Jumat, 28 Desember 2012

Carl Timoleon von Neff
Carl Timoleon von Neff (Carl Timoleon von Neff) - such is the real name Timothy A. Neff - born October 2, 1804 in the province of Estonia Püssi estate (now a territory of Northern Estonia). Digging in the archive links, found an interesting article from the Estonian newspaper "Express Pärnu" Tatiana Ilina of 26 December 2006 on the life of Timothy A. Neff. It is more Intersnyh than gum from Wikipedia and I allow myself to quote a few passages from it, illustrating their remarkable paintings of the artist.

Estonians are very proud of the work of this artist, periodically arranging his exhibition and called the German Baltic origin. But that's somehow almost forgot about his estate and manor house at Muuga where the artist in 1860 - 1870's built his home, work and collect art collection has Western European masters. However, most of his life Timothy A. Neff held in Russia, describing the Orthodox churches and serving court painter of Emperor Nicholas I.
Neff painting - a bright example of academic art in the middle of XIX century in Russia. This mythological and religious subjects, beautiful female nudes and portraits of course. All of them are very bright and have good composition solution. As court painter, Neff has left us a lot of portraits of women from the royal family and court ladies. Also good Italian and his religious paintings of biblical scenes.
Karl's mother, 19-year-old Felicia Neff, came from France to learn the language of children from wealthy families, serve as a governess. According to the documents, in February 1804, she went to Russia with Madame Berg. Estonia before they arrived in the summer and stayed at the estate Sangaste belonging son Madame Berg. By this time the pregnancy Felicia was already noticeable, and the expectant mother decided to part with Madame and self-organize their lives. She was hired as a governess in the house on the estate background Krudener Püssi where October 2 had a son. October 9 Timoleon boy christened Charles, and his godmother, despite the fact that his mother was a regular teacher, were the representatives of well-known noble families: Major General Paul von Krudener, tenant estate Püssi, Captain Anton Wrangell Maidla of von Essen and mayorsha of Erra.

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