Dalila Del Valle | Spanish Hyperrealist fantastic painter

Sabtu, 15 Desember 2012

Dalila Del Valle | Spanish Hyperrealist fantastic painter
Dalila is absolutely a painter of great recognition, unequivocal quality of the possession of an own style, characterized by beautiful faces and naked figures that, simultaneously are covered by incredible tattoos on the skin. To these two conditions it would be necessary to add two more other: the exclusive feature of the technique and the own culture of the city or country where it exposes his works, changing the reason for its tattoos. Nobody like her to know how to impregnate of its personality and enormous technical capacity its works and orders. As much it is so, it has known to gain the admiration of colleagues, curators and, the most important critical of art, as well as of the public in general.
Its work is enthusiastic and exciting, as it is it his life, flood of initiatives and accomplishments, with of of sixty exhibitions made more in galleries and museums of Spain, Europe, EE.UU. South America and East, everything which, is single a parenthesis because Dalila continues animating its life with the spectacle of its genius.

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