Josef Kote

Selasa, 01 Januari 2013

Born in 1964, In the scenic port town of Vlore, Albania, modern artist Josef Kote emerged eager to share his unique vision with the world. Kote immersed himself in the arts early on. The atmosphere around him constantly inspired the young visionary living in the metropolis of Vlore – a mélange of commercial industry and old world charm. This was the perfect backdrop for an aspiring artist talent like Kote. Thesecure a spot at a prestigious art school. He was accepted into ”The National Lyceum of Arts” in Tirana, where he began in earnest to pursue his traditional European Art school education. He studied there for four years
Josef decided to take his talent the university level. He entered another competition and was again awarded entry, this time at the “Academy of Fine Arts of Tirana.” In 1988, Kote graduated from the Academy, receiving his Diploma in Painting and Scenography. The same year, Kote also produced a small but well-received animated film entitled “lisi.”
Josef Kote 1964 | Albanian Abstract painter | Vibrant colors

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