Sergey and Nina Reznichenko

Rabu, 30 Januari 2013

Sergey and Nina Reznichenko
Born on Oktober 30, 1968 in Cherkasy region. He graduated from Vira Mukhina state art-industrial college in St.Petersburg, speciality- monumental painting. He is a member of the Ukrainian National Society of Artists.
Born April 25,1973, in Bukovyna, Graduated from Vyzhnytsia College of Applied Arts.She has taken part in many main exhibitions
Lyric Diary* “What would our mankind have been without fowers? If fowers had not existed… Would our character, our moral, our ability for the beauty and happiness be the same? … Just imagine for a second that our planet does not know fowers… Te whole world of elaborate sensitivity would have slept forever at the bottom of our hearts… An endless universe of colours and shades would have revealed its beauty only in part… Miraculous harmony of light would have remained unknown to us… When we are in love, memories about the fowers, that we have once seen and inhaled, fow back to us and feel up our consciousness and sensitivity with familiar pleasures… Happiness without fowers would have been totally shapeless, like a horizon of the sea or the sky…” Tere is no need to add any other comment to this ode to fowers, to this miracle of nature, written by the subtle dreamer Maurice Maeterlinck. However, they can be easily illustrated with delicate “picturesque essays” by Lviv artist Nina Reznichenko, whose delicate fowers of dreams, fowers of hints and fowers of women allure us with moments of the world in its perfection. When you look at subtle reveries of the images created by Nina Reznichenko, you anticipate the happiness that flls up the world around you and becomes apparent in every moment, if we allow ourselves to be happy. “Sounds” of Nina’s painting take us back to those illuminated moments, when we admired tiny and tender petals before we put a fower into a vase and enjoyed the moment of looking at this creation, or when we gave fowers to our beloved to make them smile... Nina has been drawing fowers her whole life. It takes her quite long to settle her mind and to get concentrated, but she works very fast, as if all in one breath. She never paints from life, but during the breaks between drawing sessions she exploits all available aesthetic of the world, like nature, literature, arts, music, to get saturated with positive feel- ings and impressions. Te moment, when she takes a brush in her hand is not a prologue, but a culmination; it is the moment, when emotions get materialised. Her drawing is an impulse, when with a help of clearly sensed colours of a blurred background, a few texture spots, and efective contrasting accents the artist creates a mood, which can be mel- ancholic, loudly joyful, mysteriously half-worded, or overtly sensitive. And it does not matter, whether it appears in the image of a woman or a fower, as they mean the same for thousands of years. Tese are women and fowers, entrusted by nature to become symbols of the beauty of earthly life. From that time on “Linger a bit longer. You are so nice!” has become the very mission and the essence of the art. Nina Reznichenko’s painting is the territory, where moments of beauty are ceased in its state of perfection, the beauty, which has been read between the lines of classical poetry, eaves- dropped in classical music, or seen in dreams… Welcome to enjoyment.
Historian of the art Natalia Kosmolinska ''
sergei reznichenko
Born 30/10/1968 in Cherkassy Region, Ukraine. Lives and works in Lvov, Ukraine.
Graduated from Graduate School of Industrial Art (named after V.I.Muhina to St.Petersburg) speciality monumental painting
2012 / Chelsea Art Fair, Chelsea Old Town Hall, Kings Road, London, UK Palace of Arts, Lviv, Ukraine (with Nina Reznichenko)
2012 / “Green sofa” Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine
2011 / Exhibition Society Club of Ukrainian Artists, Museum of Taras Shevchenko, Kyiv, Ukraine
2011 / Russian Cultural Centre, Vienna "Lviv still life", Palace of Arts, Lviv, Ukraine
2010 / Personal exhibition (with Nina Reznichenko) Gary Bowman’s Art Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine 1 Festival of the Arts, dei Calzolari Palace, Gubbio, Italy 2009 / Fine Art Ukraine 2009", Ukrainian House, Kiev, Ukraine
2008 / "ART-Kiev 2008" Ukrainian House, Kiev, Ukraine
2007 / VI International Exhibition" EROS MOSCOW", Moskow, Russia
2008 / "Taming of Eros" Gallery GREEN SOFA, Lviv, Ukraine
2006 / XI Moscow Art Fair of ART ARENA MANEZH, Moskow, Russia "ART Kyiv"
2008 / Central House of Art ,Kyiv, Ukraine
2008 / Gallery "ZUZUK', personal exhibition, Praha, Czech Republic Gallery "Art-bluise",
2008 / Gallery "Perve", Lisboa, Portugal
2005 / "Territory of the soul", Central House of Art, Kyiv, Ukraine
2005 / ANNE IRWIN FINE ARTS Gallery, Atlanta, USA
2005 / “Spring-2005”, Lviv, Ukraine “Scope” litva, Poland, Ukraine
2005 /“Tadzio” Gallery, KyIv, Ukraine
2004 / “MІART” Gallery, Limasol, Kipre Royal Exhibition Hall, Amman, Jordanian
2004 / Gallery ”Konstantin Brankuzy” in the House of Parlament, Bucharest, Romania
2003 / Gallery“Tadzio” personal exhibition, Kyiv, Ukraine
2003 / “Manesch” (spring), Central House of Art, Moskow, Russia
2002 / “Manesch” (autumn) ,Central House of Art, Moskow, Russia
2002 / Personal exhibitions gallery “ ZUZUK», Praha
2002 / ”Getman museum”, Kyiv, Ukraine
2002 / “Art of Ukraine1991-2002”, Central House of Art, Moskow, Russia
2002 / Biannale “Silver sguare”, Peremyshl, Poland
2002 / “Moro” Gallery, auction “Contemporary Ukrainian art”, Kyiv, Ukraine
2001 / “blizniemu swemu…2002”, Poland “Art of ХХІst Century”, Lviv, Ukraine
2001 / Exhibition “13”, Lviv, Ukraine “Independence Day”, Kyiv, Ukraine
2001 / Triannale of painting, Central House of Art, Kiev; Ukraine
2000 / “Art at the Turn of the Century”, Lviv picture Gallery, Ukraine “Parsuna2000”, Lviv, Ukraine
1999 / Дизайн студия “Клер”, Lviv, Ukraine
1998-2002 / “Autumn salon” International Autumn art Gallery, Lviv (diploma-98,02)
1998 / Lviv, Odessa, Ukraine- Poland (Ukrainian culture days)
1998 / Triannale of painting, Kyiv; Central House of Art,Ukraine
1998 / Biannale “Silver sguare” Peremyshl, Poland
1997 / personal exhibition, Palace of arts, Lviv, Ukraine
1995 / Exhibition 5 man, Lviv National Museum, Ukraine
1994 / Lviv picture Gallery, personal exhibition, Lviv, Ukraine
1992 / Russia Museum, St.Petersburg, Russia
1990 / Museum of Ethnography, St Petersburg, Russia
1989 / Academy of Arts, Odense, Denmark

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