Philip Alexius de Laszlo / British portrait painter, 1869-1937

Sabtu, 02 Februari 2013

Philip Alexius de Laszlo
British portrait painter, 1869-1937
Philip de Laszlo was born in Budapest in 1869,  he studied at Bertalan Székely and Károly Lotz in Budapest, then went to Munich. He lived in Budapest and Vienna until 1907, when he finally moved to London. He became a British citizen in 1914. De Laszlo died in London in 1937.
He made a great reputation as a painter of the aristocracy and royalty on 'the Continent' in the 1890's and early 1900's. He settled in England in 1907 and was considered by many to be the natural successor of Sargent, especially as Sargent began to withdraw from portrait-painting, and de Laszlo's commissions grew. He was quite a prolific painter.
I'm not sure if de Laszlo knew Sargent, but surely they were brought into contact with one another in the art world.  I think one way of to tie them together is through the critics' agreement or disagreement that he was the natural successor to Sargent, as well as the fact that they did have some sitters in common - for example, Theodore Roosevelt, The Earl of Wemyss and March, Field Marshall Earl Roberts, the Duke and Duchess of Portland, Arthur Balfour, Margot Asquith, Mrs. Grace Elvina Duggan (later painted by Sargent when she was Marchioness Curzon of Kedelston), Lady Wernher, Lady Louis Mountbatten (nee Edwina Ashley - Sargent drew her portrait in charcoal as a child, and Laszlo painted her as a bride in 1922 and two years later as well)."

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