Walter Wyles

Rabu, 01 Mei 2013

Walter Wyles
English artist Walter Wyles | I draw your portrait on canvas - Flight hair and eyes favorite pool .
Walter Wyles was born in 1925 in Canterbury, in Kent in southeast England. His father, Walter Henry, came from a military family and was a regular soldier in the British army. His mother, Francesca Calvente came from near Malaga in southern Spain. At the age of eleven he took part in the Sidney Cooper School of Art in Canterbury on a part time basis, after a special recommendation from a teacher in elementary school. In 1939, at the age of fourteen he was a full-time scholarship to study at the art school ... ... but four months later, at the beginning of the First World War, he went to work. He suffered from polio as a child, leaving him crippled as a result of which his being unfit for military service. He started work as a book binder and from 1940 to 1942, he worked as a draftsman for the production of two aircraft to help the war effort. He then went to work for a company display in London's West End. He became a part-time Air Raid Warden, spending a lot of hours of the night, during the Blitz on the roof of his employer, watching the fires started by incendiary bombs dropped by Hitler's Luftwaffe. He also attended the Art School of Fleet Street in his spare time. There followed a period of work for martial artists in Cambridge Circus, London Cavendish Studios and the production of large paintings from the air, sea and land battles. After the war, he went freelance on a regular basis to do a lot of work, the artist-designer for Tailor & Cutter magazine, Man & clothes and recording Draper. In the early 50's, he decided that he wanted to be a magazine illustrator and worked on the production of the sample illustrations to show potential customers. she was the best selling weekly magazine in the world for women, selling an impressive three and a half million copies every week and its editor Maria sadness and art editor George (Tiny) Watts Wyles gave considerable support, giving him his first job, and later becomes one of its largest customers

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