Minggu, 30 Juni 2013

RASSOULI is a visionary artist, known for his unique style of Fusionart. He was born in Isfahan, Iran and migrated to the United States as a young man. He is currently residing in Southern California.
Guided by his Sufi uncle, Rassouli grew up hearing and reading mystical poetry while studying under painting masters, and eagerly searching volumes of artistic works of varied traditions and styles. He roamed the art museums, won awards for his paintings, and traveled in classical Europe as a teenager. He came to the United States in 1963 to have the freedom to explore his artistic drive. Here, he studied fine arts and architecture at the University of New Mexico and environmental psychology at the University of Southern California.
Although he practiced architecture for a time, painting ultimately became his overpowering passion and his profession. Through the years, Rassouli has created hundreds of canvases, in his unique style of Fusionart, which invite the viewer into the creative power of the heart and the wonder and beauty of the soul. His artistic expressions are radiant with a life-giving and captivating energy that arouse the imagination.
The conceptual approach of Fusionart has been developing in Rassouli since early childhood, which is evident in the expansive scope and variety of his creative work. He continues to cultivate new approaches to bring fresh insight to his creations and to develop new ways to share the creative process with others.
Rassouli paints with rags, with his fingers, and uses his favorite brushes when he feels moved to enhance what is happening on the canvas. He begins with a canvas primed with black paint and brings the light of vision to it developing a relationship with the appearing images as he creates.
Within the past thirty years, He has exhibited widely in Europe, North America and Asia and has created several major murals.
Rassouli has written several books, and he shares his excitement for the creative process wherever he is. He guides others in retreats, shares his approach to creativity through public talks, in radio interviews, in videos and films, but nowhere does he witness to his creativity more magically than through his paintings.

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