Gabriel Joseph Marie Augustin Ferrier (1847-1914

Minggu, 07 Juli 2013

Gabriel Joseph Marie Augustin Ferrier (1847-1914)
Gabriel Ferrier was born in Nice in 1847. He studied painting at the Paris School of Fine Arts, his teachers were Pills, Lecoq, de Boisbaudran and Hebert. In 1872. Ferrier won the Rome Grand Prix, which allowed him to study in Italy at the expense of the state. Studying art, Gabriel copied paintings by famous artists, among others - the "Mona Lisa" Da Vinci. Ferrier was the perfect portrait painter and decorator public buildings. During his career, the artist has amassed numerous awards and prizes, including - Legion d'Honneur in 1906. His murals adorn the Museum d'Orsay (Paris), the French Embassy in Berlin, Paris Hotel de Ville, the Sorbonne, Opera-Comeque, theaters in Nimes and Monte Carlo.

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