Ulisse CAPUTO (1872-1948

Selasa, 06 Agustus 2013

Ulisse CAPUTO (1872-1948)
Ulisse Caputo was born in Salerno November 5, 1872.
Morelli's favorite student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, then studied under the guidance of Gaetano Esposito, with whom he collaborated in some work.
In 1900 he settled in Paris, where he painted mostly internal with figures, public gatherings, scenes of Parisian life, elegant, female portraits, landscapes and Orientalist themes.
In 1907 he exhibited at the Salon des Independents and French artists and 1914alla Venice Biennale presents works Bianche, and Violante Incognita. In the same year he went to Morocco, where he was a guest of General Chambrun.
His favorite subject is, over his entire career, the educated middle-class woman in the privacy of discreet boudoirs. Unlike females of Boldini, curvy and erotic beauties are those of Caputo caste, well-dressed, combed way and more "homey."
Many of his paintings were purchased by the King of Italy, the Gallery of Villa Torlonia, the Navigation General, from several private galleries, from the Khedive of Egypt, from the French Government, the Museum of Santiago, 

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