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Jumat, 27 September 2013

Vladislav Guriev
contemporary artist Vladislav Guriev was born August 6, 1967, in Odessa. Successfully graduated from Odessa State School Grekov and Moscow Stroganov Institute, in "Industrial Design". Since 1993 he is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Its bright works full of life, movement and romanticism.


Guriev, Vladislav
(Guriev, Vladislav) Painter. Education: Odessa State College. MB Grekova. in 1987 .. (SRN - a teacher of drawing and painting.) Moscow Institute. Stroganov in 1994. (Industrial Design). Member of Youth Association since 1990. MOONSKHU member since 1993. participant of regional, national and international exhibitions since 1989. Participants in the symposium painting "Landscape 96" Pechora, Nemiroff, Vinnitsa. "Simeiz 96" Crimea. "Pokrovsky landscapes 2004" Kinburn Spit. solo exhibitions were held in 1995, 1997g.g in Nikolaev, Yuzhny (Odessa region). 1995 1997g.g. International exhibition "Ukraine and Russia to Mexico." 1997. Cologne Germany. 2001, 2003, 2004, 2008 in Amman Jordan. 2004. Nikolaev Gallery on the Spasskaya and Art Gallery MNDU them. Peter Graves. Republican exhibitions: 1991. "45 Years of Victory" "Evening tram" holst.maslo. 1990. Poltava "Picturesque Ukraine" "Two well" holst.maslo. 1992. "Fall 93" "Presence" oil on canvas Stained glass "South", "The White Shadow" oil on canvas 1002g. Simferopol "Nude" "Lying" oil on canvas, 1993. Kiev "Spring" series, "The consecration of the pyramid" etching aquatint.

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