Danka Weitzen

Rabu, 11 Desember 2013

Danka Weitzen was born in Poland in 1950. Her father is Polish and her mother Italian. Since childhood, she
 lives in Italy.
After graduating from high school, she began to paint. Her first exhibition in Turin, Italy, in 1969 Ars Plauda Gallery. Since then it has gained international recognition for his paintings exhibitions in many countries. (Including the Netherlands, Egypt, Malta, Norway, Germany, Ireland, Russia, Senegal, Spain, United States, Bulgaria, Poland, Costa Rica, Kenya, Ethiopia, Portugal, Romania and Italy.)
In 2007, the museum completed Danka show in Sainte Maxime in France.
Danka-painter whose style continued to evolve over the years. Her new passion flower still life. Looking at the pictures, it is difficult to believe that flowers painted and not real. Danka Weitze so exquisitely and accurately depicts on his canvases flowers that the viewer feels like their flavor.

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