Gyula Boros (Hungarian, b. 1950) | Realism Oil Painter

Sabtu, 08 Februari 2014

Gyula Boros (Hungarian, b. 1950) | Realism Oil Painter
Born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1950, Gyula Boros had a distinct talent for drawing, his love of art revealed in his early youth. Graduating from the Budapest Art School, Gyula Boros worked as a graphic designer and ornamental painter for several years. His painting career began in 1977. His early paintings focused primarily on landscapes, later turning to still-life subjects in the styles and techniques of the classic masters. Elegance, romance and drama hallmark Boros’ deep sense of passion for the painters of the Netherlands. He prefers the traditional Baroque style with its special colors. His profound ability to capture and combine the elements of texture in his subjects is indeed a rare talent. Fragile crystal, soft draperies, cool granite and marble, and the high polish of silver bring realism and comfort to the viewer, bringing one "into" the scene
comfort to the viewer, bringing one "into" the scene. Glowing candlelight or the warmth of a setting sun enhances the experience. Exhibitions in his homeland Hungary, Thailand, Amsterdam and London have brought Gyula Boros international recognition.
A serene work of realism, bringing an incredible sense of romance and nostalgia to life with the soft strokes of his brush, this is an absolutely gorgeous work of art by artist Gyula Boros. Painted on bevelled black panel in oil, protected under the light sheen of varnish, this is a piece set apart by sheer attention to detail. Typical of works by Gyula Boros, this fine original oil painting is full of exciting objects and just as much detail is given to the background as is shown in the foreground. His treatment of the shadows, glass, and flames is exceptional

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