Paul Laurenzi

Jumat, 25 Juli 2014

Paul Laurenzi french painter born in 1964 "I continued my work related to eroticism interesting to me especially X. movies I spoke with the photographer who gave me the address of 'Tears of Eros ª and I frequented quite regularly since. I explained that this kind of movies inspired me a series of tables. Upon this he lent me two books written by experts who addressed the subject of serious and objective manner. After reading I CERNAI much better about its origins, its codes and its underground so I threw in the exploration of this underground world that I considered in a new light. I took a picture of the selected film clips X that lighting and framing characteristic made ​​it almost surreal. then I utilisai these pictures as a basis for creating species compilations sexual acts formants sets in which female characters evolve accoutrements and highly suggestive positions. As a Lewis Carroll's Alice perverted, and a similar sensual creatures guiding the viewer, they discover stunned, a world dedicated to imaging the X, appearing closest male and female fantasies. After a year dedicated to this dangerous subject, I had the opportunity to expose a fifty paintings in an art of southern France center. I made ​​no sales, but after a newspaper article and an interview on a local radio station, I was not struck by lightning in any organization for the protection of morals (...) and récupérai my paintings. Later, a friend offered me a computer to create a personal website or he installed the paintings in question and information about me, which allowed to obtain new contacts and some sales. Currently, I am preparing for a solo show at the Erotic Museum in Hamburg at the end of the year, plus some paintings visible on this site. In the end, I find in these works, traces of my past searches. They will fit as many micro-injuries or memories caresses, like a puzzle forever unfinished which is called.'' My Life

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