Harold Clayton

Sabtu, 18 Agustus 2012

Harold Clayton (1896-197Harold Clayton was born into a family of artists in London in 1896. He began studying at art school in Hackney at an early age. After graduating with distinction, he moved to Harrow Art School and, once again, graduated with distinction. From here he went on to study graphic design and commercial art at Hornsey College of Art. Finally, he went to St. Martins School of Art where he studied under the celebrated tutor Norman Jones.
His love for the garden and his meticulous attention to detail were the predominant forces which shaped his painting. Although he was versatile painter it is primarily for his still life flower paintings that he is known, despite the fact that he completed relatively few such paintings in his life. He painted approximately one painting per month, which accounts for both the scarcity of his still life paintings and their tremendous quality.

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