Serguei Zlenko

Jumat, 17 Agustus 2012

Serguei Zlenko
Born in the Republic of Georgia in 1960, Serguei Zlenko graduated first from the Russian Art Academy's Art School, and later received a Bachelor and Masters of Fine Art from Moscow Surikov Art Academy in 1984. A member of both Russian and Finnish Artist's Associations, he is featured in galleries and collections in Finland, and throughout Europe and the United States.
A classically trained artist, Serguei draws inspiration from a great magnitude of subjects, resulting in his painting a wide range of themes. His work encompasses detailed topographical studies, ballet rehearsals and performances, metaphorical figurative works and the occurrences and characters surrounding him. Most of his painting activity focuses on the use of oils on canvas or board, although he often works in watercolour pastel and clay. His mastery of every technique affords him an overall creativity in each genre. Out of his huge artistic corpus, we can begin highlighting his figurative paintings; with which his work is often preoccupied. In his portraits as well as in his studies of dancers, he has cultivated a complete objectivity, attempting to catch his subjects in poses as natural and spontaneous as those recorded in action photographs. Extensive academic instruction in figurative and life studies has led him to experiment with unusual visual angles and asymmetrical compositions. By capturing the action of the moment, his ballet dancers are depicted in poses that do not attempt to conceal their physical exertions. Instead, he reveals both the concentration and potency necessary in each performance, whilst drawing attention to the dancers' elegance and regal poise.
Serguei's landscapes often originate from miniature colour studies painted en plein air. These highly detailed sketches are used das reference for larger canvases painted in his studio. By working in this method, he not only affords himself time spent in nature, but also hopes to impress upon the viewer the beauty and value of the diminishing landscape.
Serguei Zlenko belongs to a generation of Russian painters whose creativity falls in the critical period at the turn of the century. In this respect it proves to be very important to preserve the conception of inviolable aesthetic values in our rapidly changing world.
In collection of:
Finnish Motor Vehicle Inspection Ltd
National Board of Public Buildings, Finland
Technical University, Finland
Helsinki City Magistracy
Geological Survey of Finland
Federation of Finnish Entrepreneurs
Thomeisto oy
Flinkenberg and Co
Fiskars Oy
Tuokko Deloitte & Touche Oy
Museum Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova
1984-1990 exhibitions in Russia.
1995 group exhibition in gallery Horhammer, Helsinki, Finland.
1995 group exhibition ART'95 International Art Competition, New York, USA.
1996 group exhibition in gallery Hagelstam, Helsinki, Finland.
1996 solo exhibition in gallery Bukowski&Horhammer, Helsinki, Finland.
1997 group exhibition in gallery ArtEncounter, Las Vegas, USA.
1999 solo exhibition in gallery Bukowski&Horhammer, Helsinki, Finland.
1999 group exhibition in Fletcher Gallery,Woodstock, New York, USA.
2001 solo exhibition in gallery Bukowski&Horhammer, Helsinki, Finland.
2001 solo exhibition in gallery Art Clipper, Helsinki, Finland.
2002 solo exhibition in gallery Art Clipper, Helsinki, Finland.
2003 group exhibition in Smolny Museum dedicated to the Tercentenary of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2004 group exhibition in "XXX Aniversario Batik" gallery Sala Barna, Barcelona, Spain.
2005 group exhibition in Oisin gallery, Dublin, Ireland.
2005 group exhibition in Hey Hill gallery, London, UK.
2006 solo exhibition in Sheen Falls Lodge, Kenmare, Ireland.
2005 to date in the Green Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.

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