Gianni Strino / born in Naples in 1953

Senin, 22 Oktober 2012

Gianni Strino
Gianni Strino was born in Naples in 1953.
From an early age just shows his passion for drawing and painting, inherited from his great-grandfather, a sculptor, and receives the first award winning only seven years, a drawing competition on a national school and later a scholarship by the Institute Bank of Naples.
His early paintings are already very popular with merchants and dealers who operate in the very neighborhood where he lives, and just one of these dealers, noting his skills painting, directs him to studies at an old and very good teacher: Prof. Colasuonno, one of the last masters of the Neapolitan school, 800.
In '71 he graduated from the Art School of Naples with honors and continued his studies by attending the Faculty of Architettura.Riceve the post of art teacher at Middle School of the island is abandoned after only three years to devote himself to His first real overwhelming passion: the pittura.
La his first solo exhibition is at the "Press Club" of Avellino, selling all his works only in the first opening night.
The runaway success and exhibitions are continuing at a rapid pace, in Milan 80 opens the first of a long series of exhibitions with awards from the City and Region, precisely in Milan knows many international galleries starting a new painting season that led him to exhibit his paintings in New York, Florida, London, Scotland, in Madrid and Tokio.
In the '89 he was commissioned to prepare an exhibition of paintings in the new halls of Cannes' hotel that Charlton remain the property of the Hotel on permanent display.
The annual events of "Art Expo" in Bologna and Bari always see it in the exhibition space of several Gallerie.Gianni Strino broadens his experience in the field of pictorial representation of sacred art being commissioned to paint three large paintings by the seventeenth-century Church "San Juan de Dios" in Frattamaggiore, in the province of Naples, representing the Transfiguration, the Annunciation of Mary and St. Gennaro.

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