Avi Belaish

Jumat, 11 April 2014

Avi Belaish
Belaish was born in 1954 in Moshav Neve Neeman in the Sharon Region. The artist states that his village home was the source of his unique experiences and many fascinating adventures.
He remembers the very valuable present of a sketchbook given to him by his mother. Belaish began to draw the objects standing on the living room sideboard, the kitchen utensils, and the icon tools in the yard and never stopped drawing. Later he made realistic oil paintings.
By 16 he was attending the Tel Aviv High School for painting. A kind of documentation exists in his works as he delves into the world of the objects that surrounded him in his childhood. He depicts expanses of the real world the physical universe and uses them as the background for ordinary objects as the table from his parent's home. The artist's painting process is under his complete, rational, professional control, from the initial stage of the drawing to the selection of color elements and their precise placement.
Each element serves in effect as "memory installations" in Belaish"s Art. In other words, they are remnants of another period of time that the artist takes with him on his life journey.
Belaish is an artist striving for visual perfection among his tools are perspective effects and events taking place in the painting on several planes with varying depths.

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