Justin Digging //Justyna Kopania

Jumat, 11 April 2014

Justin Digging /Justyna Kopania
Polish artist Justin Digging a painter uses his art to create stunning portraits of ships at sea. Her series of paintings Sea is a beautifully textured collection of paintings with an excellent use of color and form. In an era when artists are constantly looking for innovative objects, forms and techniques to create their style and "his paintings," the work of the painter as digging, can serve as the perfect excuse for a refreshing break in this quest to see how brilliantly the artist controls the traditional media.
Paintings digging show a surprising understanding and skill in the use of oil paints. She carefully blends color and allows the audience to consider each stroke in each of her works. Her artistic performance adds emotion to the visual perception of the environment.
Justin itself says that as a picture, and require a paint brush and she does not regret it. Therefore, it is of "meaty". She always tries to capture the atmosphere of the moment, which crashed into her memory. She is trying to show the world around us a little differently, from a different point of view different from that with which we are accustomed to look upon the world.
She advises to look at the world through the eyes of a child, or sometimes the composer or the music, or simply stare at the lichen on the banks the sea, the moon, the stars, the sky, a human face ... Maybe then the world around us will seem quite different. Then, possibly in each raindrop, each grain of sand and each can be seen snowflake million colors that previously were not available to us.

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